Canonical Releases Important Ubuntu Kernel Update to Patch 17 Vulnerabilities

Available for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS systems, this is a major kernel update that fixes a total of 17 security issues. As such, I recommend that you update your installations as soon as possible by running the sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade commands in the Terminal app. Among the most important security issues fixed in this update, there’s CVE-2020-10766, CVE-2020-10767 and CVE-2020-10768, flaws that made the Linux kernel to not correctly apply the mitigations for the SSBD (Speculative Store Bypass Disable) and IBPB (Indirect Branch Predictor Barrier) vulnerabilities affecting certain Intel processors, as well as to incorrectly enable Indirect Branch Speculation after it’s been disabled for a process via a prctl() call.