Canonical Releases Massive Mir 0.24.0 Display Server Update for Ubuntu Linux

Mir 0.24.0 is a feature and bugfix release that adds lots of enhancements, resolves some of those critical bugs reported by users since the previous maintenance update, and bumps most of the ABIs to new versions. The improvements implemented in Mir 0.24.0 are currently relevant for Ubuntu Phone and Ubuntu Tablet owners, and they’ll be available to users through the upcoming Ubuntu Touch OTA-13 software update. Prominent new features include the addition of a new tool called ‘mirvanity’ for measuring client-to-screen latency using a high-speed video camera, full support for desktop OpenGL servers, but disabled by default for GLESv2, new buffer semantics, logging for ANativeWindow events on Android, as well as two new mir_*_performance_test tools.