Capital F magazine, issue #1

[Portland, Oregon, August 8, 2018] — Today, Bryan Lunduke announces the immediate release of the first issue of ‘Capital F’, a magazine dedicated to all things Free Software and Free Culture. Made available free of charge, ‘Capital F’ is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

“Gosh that Lunduke fella sure is generous and super nifty,” an unknown source that is definitely not Bryan Lunduke is purported to have said. “I mean releasing such a momentous work completely free (as in beer) and Free (as in Freedom)? That’s a lot of beer and Freedom!”

The first issue of Capital F magazine focuses on Free Software topics, including:

– The Road to a Free Software Phone, with an interview with the CEO of Purism
– Video Production with Free Software with “The Linux Gamer”
– Replacing Google with Free Software Solutions
– The Stigma of Charging for Free Software

Digital edition is available now, with a print edition to be available in the coming days.

For more information and free download links:

Full size cover photo of Issue #1:

For more information, contact [email protected]