CentOS Linux 6.9 Drops Support for Insecure Cryptographic Algorithms and Protocols

Derived from freely distributed source code for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9, which is the last update to the 6.x series of the operating system, CentOS Linux 6.9 borrows all of its security patches and internal components. This also appears to be the last point release for the CentOS 6.x operating system series. Prominent features of the CentOS Linux 6.9 release include TLS 1.2 support in GnuTLS, the ability for the sssd, libvirt, krb5-server, ipa-server, rsyslog7, vsftpd, postfix, and 389-ds-base packages to select the which cipher suites are allowed, as well as better TLS support for the IO::Socket:SSL and Net::SSLeay Perl modules.

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