Chapeau 24 “Cancellara” Linux Distro to Be Based on Fedora 24, Linux Kernel 4.7

Chapeau 23 “Armstrong” was announced back in December 2015, and we haven’t heard a word from the developer since then, and now he wrote an informative blog post to let us know that Chapeau 24 is coming along nicely and, as expected, will be based on the Fedora 24 operating system. And it even has a codename: Cancellara! Even if the developer says that not much has changed since Chapeau 23, we can’t help but notice that Chapeau 24 will be powered by Fedora 24’s Linux 4.7 kernel, Transmission has been added as the default BitTorrent client, Wayland support is now integrated in the GDM login manager, and the distro is shipping with the GNOME 3.20 desktop environment.