Chomper – An Internet Blocker for Linux

I’ve recently finished developing an Internet blocker for Linux called Chomper (https://github.com/aniketpanjwani/chomper). It’s intended to help people with issues being productive on a computer due to Internet distractions. There are a few similar programs written for MacOS (https://selfcontrolapp.com/) and Windows (https://getcoldturkey.com/), but the only similar project for Linux hasn’t been actively developed in over 7 years (http://svn.jklmnop.net/projects/SelfControl.html). I’ve created a 30-second gif which shows how Chomper works (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/aniketpanjwani/chomper/assets/chomper_example.gif). Chomper is GPLv3-licensed and written in Python.

I’d greatly appreciate if you took a look at Chomper and told me what you thought of it. Recently, Chomper has been getting a lot of traction on Github (https://imgur.com/a/10vMB), so I think it might be something that your blog’s audience could be really interested in.

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