Clutter 1.16.2 Adds Wayland and X11 Improvements

Clutter 1.16.2 is here to allow developers to create transitions and intervals from ClutterScript. Also, this release implements touch update event throttling, ClutterInterval now implements ClutterScriptable, and the preferred size of TableLayout has been fixed. Moreover, Clutter 1.16.2 introduces a couple improvements for the Wayland and X11 backends, such as the support for ‘cursor-visible’ stage property in the Wayland backend, and updated device coordinate handling for the X11 backend, which removes the dependency on the XFixes extension for displaying or hiding the cursor.

The correct opacity is now applied when painting ClutterImage, ClutterDragAction is now able to mix both touch and pointer events, _get_source_device() in now mentioned in the ClutterEvent documentation, the offscreen-redirect property is now correctly setup, a clutter_box_layout_allocate regression has been repaired, and the DragAction warning that appear when setting the handle to null has been fixed.