Collabora’s Multimedia Team Has Made Some Great Contributions to GStreamer 1.12

Collabora’s Olivier Cr??te writes today in a lengthy article that Collabora’s multimedia team managed once again to contribute lots of great improvements to the GStreamer open-source multimedia framework, whose 1.12 milestone is already on its way to the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution. Among some of these great contributions, we can mention the implementation of support for serializing and deserializing GstValueArray types to be able to use them straight from the gst-launch command, the ability to directly convert GStreamer’s Array and List types from and to their matching Python types, addition of a bunch of new raw formats, including VYUY, MPEG AAC (non-ADTS), and FLAC, improvements to splitmux elements, and better support for reading “sparse” streams.