ConsortiumInfo: The Script Reloaded: Recognizing “Them”

“‘Public Relations’ is one of those funny phrases that has very
little to do with what it really means. At sixty thousand feet,
it’s about influencing opinion, which (at that altitude) doesn’t
sound all that bad. But when it gets down into the bushes, it
starts to become a bit less innocuous, and more unsavory. For
example, when you watch a political ad and listen to a smarmy voice
malign another politician, you know exactly what’s going on, and
it’s not pretty. Still, at least you have your radar spinning, and
can take the statements for what they’re worth, which is not
expected to be much.

“But how about messages that are delivered in sheep’s clothing,
in other contexts, where you don’t expect to be listening to a paid
political announcement, and therefore won’t necessarily recognize
what you’re listening to for what it is…?”

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