Countries’ Comments on MS OOXML–How You Can Help

“I think I see a way we could be really helpful to the ISO folks
having to sort through all the 10,000 comments the various
countries filed with their votes on MS OOXML.

“The comments have been officially published, although as .doc
files, sigh. Here’s the zip file to download). But I thought I’d
make them available to you as HTML also, which is how the members
got them to make sure everyone has access and because of my idea. I
gather someone had to process all the comments to put them into doc
format, so one help would be to make sure nothing was overlooked.
Other tasks might be to see that duplicates are noted, that they
are sorted into various categories, like tech or not, and then
subcategorized, etc. I think that might prove helpful too in making
sure everything is addressed…”