Debian-Based Neptune 4.5.3 Linux OS Rebases the Graphics Stack on Mesa 13.0.2

Neptune is a GNU/Linux distribution developed for desktop computers and fully based upon the Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 “Wheezy” operating system and KDE Plasma 5. Neptune 4.5 is currently the latest stable release of the Linux OS, but, from time to time, it gets up-to-date ISO snapshots featuring recent technologies and updated packages. Neptune 4.5.3 is the third point release in the series, coming four months after the 4.5.2 build and shipping with an improved graphics stack rebased on the Mesa 13.0.2 3D Graphics Library. It also features a newer kernel based on the long-term supported Linux 3.18.45, and includes apps like Chromium 55.0 and Icedove 45.5.0.