Debian-Based Neptune Linux 5.5 Operating System Released with LibreOffice 6.1

Coming only a month after the Neptune 5.4 release that introduced a new dark theme and updated several components, Neptune 5.5 bumps the kernel version to Linux kernel 4.17.8 and updates the graphics stack to Mesa 18.1.6, AMDGPU DDX 18.0.1, Nouveau DDX 1.0.15, and ATI/Radeon DDX 18.0.1. The Neptune 5.5 release also comes with the latest Intel microcode firmware update that mitigates some of the latest security vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-3639 and CVE-2018-3640), as well as the recently released LibreOffice 6.1 office suite and Chromium 68 web browser with a redesigned player and improved HTML5 audio and video playback, and FFMpeg 3.2.12 multimedia framework.