Debian Edu 9 “Stretch” Released as a Complete GNU/Linux Solution for Schools

Debian Edu 9 “Stretch” comes hot on the heels of Debian GNU/Linux 9 “Stretch” and Debian GNU/Hurd 2017 releases, providing an out-of-the-box, stable and reliable environment of a fully configured school network. It’s designed to be deployed as a school server where users and machines can be added using the GOsa web-based interface, allowing them to have a desktop environment of their choice installed, along with access to over 60 educational apps. Under the hood, the Debian Edu 9 “Stretch” operating system ships with the same components as Debian GNU/Linux 9 “Stretch,” but it also has some features of its own, and the most notable ones are Plymouth as default slash screen, Icinga as the new monitoring tool instead of Nagios, NDB support for the root filesystem for LTSP instead of NFS, and a Japanese translation of the manual.