Donation Drive – Build infrastructure repair and capacity expansion

Thanks to all of you, Fuduntu has seen phenomenal growth. Fuduntu is now believed to be installed on over 30,000 computers worldwide. This is an excellent achievement for our small project! To support our growth a lot of important changes had to be made to our hosting infrastructure and to other areas of the project which have hit our budget really hard this year. To ensure that we are able to sustain our current growth rate and to budget for the future we need to ask for your help in terms of monetary donations.
Earlier this year we held a fundraiser that reached its goal of absorbing the expense of migrating to ELDnet. We raised enough money to cover the first year of hosting, in just a few days.

Unfortunately, our 64bit build host is beginning to show signs of failure, as it has shown very erratic behavior over the last two days ranging from just powering off to flashing error codes via all connected IO devices when powered on (when it does this it does not complete POST and begin booting). This system will need immediate repair or replacement. Without repair, once it fails completely we will be unable to continue to provide updates or installation media for the 64bit edition of Fuduntu.

Also, due to our significant and unexpected growth this year, our primary package server – packages.fuduntu.org hosted at ELDnet has already nearly reached capacity.

To repair or replace our critical 64bit build host, increase capacity of our package delivery service, and also ensure we are able to keep the project financially stable, we need your help. Our goal is to fund the project’s basic needs through 2014, expand our package delivery capacity, and refresh our build infrastructure to increase our build capacity. To achieve this goal, we are going to need to significantly increase our funding.