dot-lies: Response to “The Case for Microsoft”

[ Thanks to John Kalend
for this link. ]

“Editor’s Note: This article was written by Ralph
Grabowski as a response to an article in TIME Magazine dated
May 15, 2000.”

“[Gates:] Two weeks ago, in response to the government’s
proposed regulatory scheme to break up Microsoft, I said that our
company could not have created the Windows operating system if we
had been prohibited from developing Microsoft Office as well.

[Grabowski:] I hadn’t realized that Office proceeded Windows in
the history of things. How does “Bill” (or whoever wrote this for
him) explain that Microsoft needed an operating system before it
could write applications. What was Office for Windows v1.0 called?
Nothing, because it did not exist. The first Office suite was
Office 95, which came out _after_ Windows v1, Windows v2, Windows
v3, Windows v3.1, Windows v3.1 for Workgroups, Windows NT v3.1, and
Windows 95.”

“[Gates:] Just because Ford’s Taurus is an American best seller,
should the company be barred from sharing its innovative work among
its divisions? …

[Grabowski:] Ford is part of an oligopoly; Microsoft is a
monopoly. Perhaps the real Bill should have finished his time in
university, so that he could understand the difference. …”


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