EE Times: Cadence ports simulators to Linux

[ Thanks to james
for this link. ]

“In its first embrace of the Linux operating system, Cadence
Design Systems Inc.’s verification division has announced that all
of its simulators now run on Linux.”

“John Willoughby, senior product marketing manager for
verification at Cadence (San Jose, Calif.), said the company is
releasing a spate of simulators supporting Linux: NC-Sim for
mixed-language simulations; NC-VHDL; NC-Verilog; Verilog-XL; and
the Verifault-XL fault simulator.”

“The tools’ graphical user interfaces and analysis environments
will also run on the latest versions of the popular open-source
operating system, Willoughby said….”

Willoughby said customer requests for Linux tools has grown
tremendously over the last six months and that some users have
switched from NT.