Escuelas Linux 5.1 Officially Released with LibreOffice 5.3 and Vivaldi Browser

As the Escuelas Linux developers have explained, Escuelas Linux 5.1 ships with so many changes that it’s hard to list them all in a single story. However, we think that the best new feature of this major update is the ability Ufor users to customize the Escuelas Linux desktop as they see fit. The default desktop environment remains the lightweight Enlightenment ported from the Bodhi Linux distribution. Escuelas Linux 5.1 comes with many of the latest open source applications, including but not limited to the LibreOffice 5.3, FreeOffice 2016 and OnlyOffice office suites, Rosa Media Player, LibreCAD CAD application, Openshot video editor, Minetest Minecraft game, LiveCode cross-platform rapid app development runtime environment, as well as GeoGebra free dynamic mathematics software.