Fail0verflow Demos Linux & Steam Running on PlayStation 4 Firmware 4.05 at 33C3

But you won’t believe who else was there. According to a recent blog post, it would appear that Hector Martin a.k.a. @marcan42 of the Fail0verflow team was there to showcase the exploit announced last year for running Linux and Valve’s Debian-based Steam OS on Sony’s PlayStation 4 gaming console with a specially crafted PS4 firmware. According to the Fail0verflow team, the patched kernel used to run Steam OS on PlayStation 4, which now supports firmware 4.05, is based on the latest Linux 4.9 kernel announced by Linus Torvalds in the first days of December 2016. However, it looks like they won’t make their exploit public at the moment, as they believe that there some capable devs out there to write their own exploits for the PS4 userland.