Fedora 16 GPT disk partitioning guide

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for this link. ]

“Anaconda, the Fedora system installer, is probably the best
installation program available on any Linux or BSD distribution,
and the version that comes with Fedora 16, version 16.25, has a
couple of visible enhancements that make it even better. One of
those enhancements is support for GPT disk partitions. GPT, or GUID
Partition Table, is an alternate partition scheme that eliminates
the restrictions of the MBR or Master Boot Record partitioning

“With GPT, partitions sizes greater that 2 TB are possible, and
more than four primary partitions can be created. Those are two
major shortcomings of the MBR partitioning scheme. In Fedora 16,
Anaconda defaults to GPT in standalone installations. However, when
the target disk has an existing installation of another
distribution, it creates MBR partitions, if that is what the
existing OS is using.”

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