FFmpeg 3.2 “Hypatia” Multimedia Backend Gets Its First Point Release, Adds Fixes

FFmpeg 3.2 “Hypatia” brought us many goodies, including OpenH264 decoder wrapper, libopenmpt demuxer, alias muxer for Ogg Video (.ogv), VP8 support for Ogg muxing, the True Audio (TTA) muxer, as well as the crystalizer, maskedclamp, hysteresis, lut2, yuvtestsrc, vaguedenoiser, weave, avgblur, gblur, and acrusher audio filters. Among other exciting things implemented in FFmpeg 3.2, we can mention MediaCodec VP8, VP9, HEVC and MPEG-4 decoding, an encoder for Meridian Lossless Packing (MLP) and TrueHD, FFplay and SDL2 output device support, 16-bit support to the selectivecolor and curves filters, and extended MOV edit list support.

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