Five Open-Source Projects AI Enthusiasts Might Want to Know About

Linux is arguably software developers??? favorite OS. Over 14,000 contributors have invested countless hours in developing the Linux Kernel. With Linux becoming increasingly popular due to its security and flexibility, developers who are interested in artificial intelligence (AI) may want to explore the possibilities within the Linux environment.

AI can easily be tagged as the future of technology, even if we already see it at work today. Virtual assistants such as Siri for Apple, Cortana for Microsoft, and Alexa for Amazon, are just some of the real-world examples of AI at work. The healthcare industry also uses AI in health monitoring, prescription management, drug discovery, and clinical documentation. Marketing benefits from AI as well, particularly in discovering trends, boosting revenue, and demand forecasting.

As AI becomes more and more ingrained in our daily lives through consumer products, we can’t help but be concerned that proprietary software will comprise the market. And we are not talking about a million-dollar market, but a bigger one that may reach US$118.6 billion by 2025.

Many industries and end-users would thus benefit from more open-source AI projects and tools for developers??? use. That would save tons of individuals and companies money to build their own AI-powered apps.

In this post, we explore five open-source AI projects or tools that are compatible with Linux and delve into the pros and cons of open-source AI and AI in general.