Flashphoner WebRTC Server Delivers Easy Real-Time Video Broadcasting

Flashphoner announces WebRTC Media & Broadcasting Server, a server-side solution to broadcast IP-camera video surveillance output to multiple users based on the WebRTC technology.

IP-cameras are standalone surveillance devices that do not require being connected to a computer. Such cameras have an IP address a client can use to connect to that camera via the RTSP protocol and obtain video streaming data. And while this is usually enough for the purpose of video surveillance and monitoring, broadcasting a stream to multiple spectators requires better performance than an IP-camera could provide.

New WebRTC Media and Broadcasting Server developed by Flashphoner bridges the gap between an IP-camera and users’ browsers. Such WebRTC server receives input video stream from the camera and broadcasts it to all connected users in real-time. Since the WebRTC technology features low communication latency, the broadcasted video is more interactive and ???live???.

Technically, WebRTC Media and Broadcasting Server is capable of broadcasting video from any RTSP-compatible IP-camera that supports H.264 and VP8 codecs for video, and G.711, Speex, Opus for audio. It is also worth mentioning that installing and configuring the server doesn’t require knowledge beyond those of an advanced Linux user.

???Classic use of the new WebRTC technology implies browser-to-browser communications,??? tells Alexey Kim, leading developer of the project, ???On the other side, we propose a unique implementation of the technology that will certainly find application in video surveillance and massive broadcasting from IP-cameras.???
Price and availability
WebRTC Media & Broadcasting Server supports Linux. There are two licensing options offered by the company: SIMPLE and ENTERPRISE. A SIMPLE license is offered for $999 or $1499, depending on whether or not a brand link is displayed in the playback window. Also, installation services are available for additional price.
Website: http://flashphoner.com
Product page: http://flashphoner.com/webrtc-online-broadcasting-from-ip-cameras-and-video-surveillance-systems/
Demo IP cam WebRTC broadcasting: http://flashphoner.com/demo-webrtc-server-for-ip-cameras-and-video-surveillance-systems/
Product review: http://flashphoner.com/webrtc-online-broadcasting-from-ip-cameras-and-video-surveillance-systems-using-webrtc-broadcasting-server/
Flashphoner is a developer of real-time Internet communication and video streaming software solutions. The product line of the company includes Web Call Server 3.0, RTMP-SIP-Gateway and WebRTC Media & Broadcasting Server.
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