Flatpak 0.8.5 Improves Detection of Flatpakref Extensions, Needs Automake 1.13.4

Some of you out there reading our regular Flatpak reports may wonder what’s Flatpak 0.8.5 doing here when we already got Flatpak 0.9.1. Well, it looks like the Flatpak devs are still maintaining the stable 0.8 series of the project for various GNU/Linux distributions that did not yet moved to the 0.9 branch. Therefore, Flatpak 0.8.5 is a maintenance update fixing a bunch of issues, such as a few memory leaks and a use-after-free in the dbus-proxy, improves the detection of “unmaintained” system extensions, which should now work without issues, and updates the update system to no longer allow older Flatpak versions to be installed.