Free Privileged Account Discovery for UNIX

When it comes to privileged account credentials, what you don’t know can hurt you.
That’s because privileged account passwords are a favorite target of hackers. Once accessed these privileged accounts give hackers the keys to your kingdom???and often you don’t even discover what they’ve done for weeks or months.

This free Privileged Account Discovery tool from Thycotic:

-Gives you a single, comprehensive view of all your UNIX privileged accounts, such as root and sudo accounts.

-Generates reports to help assess the security of your privileged UNIX passwords and highlight potential risks.

-Provides a single, automated collection point for the accounts across your entire enterprise.

-Is free forever. You can re-run your scan at any time to identify new privileged accounts and confirm compliance with your security policies.

At the click of a mouse, the Free Privileged Account Discovery Tool discovers your UNIX privileged accounts and generates immediate, detailed reports. Privileged Account Discovery from Thycotic is simple and secure. Passwords are never recorded or exposed, and sensitive information is never stored. What are you waiting for?