Getting Linux Jobs

Few advertisements for Linux administrators are exclusively about Linux. Bear in mind the occasional Linux system administrator job, where you would actually be using Linux on servers. Instead, many jobs that rise up on a “Linux administrator” search are actually referring to a plethora of operating systems. Ironically, if you show up to interview for any of these types of jobs and focus on Linux, they probably will not choose you. Even more importantly, if you simply include Linux as your expertise, they may not even bother with your resume, because they can’t tell the difference between UNIX, BSD, Linux, etc. As a result, if you are conscientious and only include Linux on your resume, you are automatically out. But change that Linux to UNIX/Linux and you end up getting a bit farther in the human resources bureaucracy. I had two colleagues that ended up changing this on their resumes and getting a much better hit ratio for interviews… complete article