GNOME Boxes 3.11.3 Improves Detection of GNOME-Continuous Images

GNOME Boxes 3.11.3 comes with a modified NAT networking system that allows both new and existing virtual machines to be on the same private network, allowing for better communication between the host and the virtual machines. Also, another interesting feature of this third development release of the upcoming GNOME Boxes 3.12 software is that it now offers improved naming of virtual machines, as well as better presentation of OS (operating system) media, by using the brand-new OS variant API that was implemented in the libosinfo library.

Moreover, GNOME Boxes 3.11.3 fixes an activation issue with system libvirt import, fixes an aspect issue of the restore/full-screen button, improves detection of gnome-continuous images, fixes a potential crash, renames “About Boxes” to “About” in the global menu, adds missing translation marker, uses the use iso-read command for extracting files from ISO images.