GNOME Builder 3.24 Is Just Around the Corner, Supports Exporting of Flatpak Apps

GNOME Builder 3.24 RC (3.23.92) appears to be a hefty update that adds quite some changes, starting with support for exporting Flatpak apps, support for downloading dependencies manually, support for the Adwaita theme, gnome-code-assistance and various Rustup improvements when running under Flatpak, a bunch of extra documentation, as well as EggTaskCache correctness improvements. The user-preferred-shell discovery should now work as advertised, names are used for cursors instead of old-style enums, and it looks like it’s possible to extract errors from the Vala and GMCS/MCS (Mono) compilers during builds. The Ninja build system is now used to discover VALAFLAGS from older versions of the Meson build system, and the Clang compiler now fallbacks to the CXXFLAGS and CFLAGS environment variables.