GNOME Weather app breaks –possibly for years– when online weather data provider shuts down

Earlier this week, the GNOME Weather app followed GNOME Maps’ example from two months ago, and stopped working for all users as a critical online API was discontinued.

GNOME developers had not monitored the API provided by NOAA in the US, even though the API was discontinued in 2012. The Weather app –a GNOME default app– thus stopped working this week and now only displays “Forecast is unavailable.”

An updated API is now patched in but depending on your Linux distribution of choice, it may take years to receive the update with the new API that will revive the app. The new endpoint will offer improved security and privacy, such as no longer leaking device geolocation data in plain-text. In the meantime, users are left to either patch manually, find another weather app, or look out their Windows.