GNU Linux-Libre 5.14 Kernel Arrives for Those Seeking 100% Freedom for Their PCs

Based on the recently released Linux 5.14 kernel series, the GNU Linux-Libre 5.14 kernel is here to clean up the i915 Intel OpenGL graphics driver, clean and move the drivers for sp8870 and other av7110 cards in the upstream tree, adjust the cleaning up script of the Renesas xHCI driver, and remove an r8188eu file.

It also adjusts cleaning for the btqca driver since it was renamed upstream, cleans up a dts file that contained a blob-loading feature for a new Qualcomm ARM64 variant, disables another blog-loading feature from a new Emulex Fibre Channel Target driver, and cleans up new blob names from the adreno, amdgpu, and btrtl drivers. Learn more about the new release here.