GNU Linux-Libre 5.2 Kernel Released for Those Seeking 100% Freedom for Their PCs

Based on the recently released Linux 5.2 kernel series, which introduces the Sound Open Firmware support for DSP audio devices, the GNU Linux-libre 5.2 kernel also ships with the open-source firmware, which wasn’t included in previous versions of the GNU Linux-libre kernel because they were overlooked. The GNU Linux-libre 5.2 kernel also deblobs several new drivers, including btmtksdio, iqs5xx, ishtp, mt7615, rtw88, rtw8822b, rtw8822c, and ucsi_ccg, and cleans up the amdgpu, goya, imx-sdma, ixp4xx, and nouveau drivers. Furthermore, the r8822be driver was replaced with rtw8822[bc], whose code was also cleaned in the GNU Linux-libre 5.2 kernel.