Grml 2017.05 “Freedatensuppe” Distro Enters Development Based on Debian Stretch

Dubbed “Freedatensuppe,” the next major release of the operating system is versioned Grml 2017.05, and a first Release Candidate (RC) build is now available for public testing. Development of Grml 2017.05 is currently based on the Debian Testing branch, which will soon become Debian GNU/Linux 9 “Stretch.” Among the major changes coming to the Grml 2017.05 release, we can mention the switch from file-rc to the more modern systemd init system, implementation of a new signing key for the Grml repository (4096R/21E0CA38EA2EA4AB), and a bunch of updates to various in-house built tools like grml2usb, grml-live, grml-hwinfo, grml-zshrc, and grml-debootstrap.