GRUB 2.02 Bootloader Officially Released with ZFS LZ4 and LVM RAID1 Support, More

Prominent features of GRUB 2.02 include Big-Endian UFS1 support, experimental 64-bit EXT2 support, GPT PReP support, the ability to use LVM UUIDs if available, proper handling of partitioned LVM, CBFS (coreboot) support, ZFS LZ4 support, ZFS features support, XFS V5 format support, as well as LVM RAID1 support. It also ships with various fixes for non-512-byte sector devices, a new “progress” module that displays the boot progress information while reading files, support for DragonFly BSD labels and compressed HFS+ partitions, and a new “proc” filesystem framework that’s being used by LUKS encrypted disks.