GTK+ 3.22.5 GUI Toolkit Released for GNOME 3.22 Desktops with 20 Improvements

GTK+ 3.22.5 introduces a bunch of fixes across multiple widgets, including GtkMenu, GtkProgressbar, GtkNotebook, GtkTextHandle, GtkLabelAccessible, and GtkScaleButton, as well as various improvements to the Wayland support. Below we’ve attached the full release notes if you’re curious to know what bugs have been fixed in GTK+ 3.22.5. It also implements tilt support for wintab devices, repaints window shadows even when the contents of the window change, addresses a MinGW-w64 builds segfault that occurred when attempting to initialize the Huion H610PRO wintab, improves font size scaling, and ensures controller is a GtkGesture for the Inspector.

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