Hand-Me-Down Linux: The Notebook Edition

“Not long ago I blogged about fitting Linux onto an older system
and giving it to someone who doesn’t need the latest model of PC.
This week, I tried it with a notebook that’s about seven or eight
years old. Windows XP barely ran. Linux gave it a new lease on

“Here’s how it happened. A friend of mine did a closet-cleaning
and found he had a Dell (Dell) Inspiron 7000 notebook–a 333 Mhz
Pentium II (!) with 256MB RAM and an 18GB HD. At some point he’d
installed Windows XP on it and it ran, but just barely. The system
itself was in fine cosmetic shape; it had been barely used, and at
some point he’d picked up another notebook and more or less
forgotten about this one…”

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