How Open Source Software Can Improve Our Library

“Remember a time when doing research required us to have to go
to the library? Your school had one, and that’s probably where you
spent most of your library time at. If it wasn’t your school, then
it was probably your local town or city library. Some of these
libraries may have been tiny little holes in the wall with just a
few thousand books while others were huge university libraries with
tens of thousands of books, magazines, newspapers, cd & dvds,
microfiche, etc.

“The depth a library can have can range greatly; it all depends
on how much money that library gets in funding. The big college
libraries obviously get the most due to the fact that they are part
of an actual business model that produces a significant amount of
money. Public libraries on the other hand only get what the
government gives them, which in smaller municipalities can be very

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