How To Convert PDF To Image (PNG, JPEG) Using GIMP Or pdftoppm Command Line Tool

This article explains how to convert the pages of a PDF document to image files (PNG, JPEG, and others). For this task we’ll be using (you can choose the one you prefer): – GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program): for those wanting to use use a graphical application for this task. Since by default GIMP can’t export all PDF pages automatically (it requires exporting pages one by one), the article also includes a GIMP plugin that can export all layers as separate images. – pdftoppm: this command line tool is part of the poppler / poppler-utils package, and it can convert PDF documents to images (with each PDF page as a separate image) like PNG, JPEG and others. The tool can convert a single page of a PDF document, all the pages, or a page range, and it comes with multiple options like specifying the resolution, image cropping, and more.