How to Install ownCloud on Debian 10

In this tutorial, we will show you how to install OwnCloud on a Debian 10 VPS.

OwnCloud is free, open-source, and self-hosted data synchronization, file sharing, and hosting server that allows you to store your personal files, documents, and pictures from a central location. OwnCloud is very similar to DropBox and other cloud storage services such as OneDrive, iCloud, and Google Drive. The main difference is that this is self-hosted, which means that your data really only belongs to you. This, of course, is preferable if you want your data to be more secure.

The ownCloud installation process is very easy and it works out of the box. It is cross-platform and comes with an extensive library of plugins that enable it to have features similar to other cloud storage solutions. OwnCloud can be accessed through a web browser, a desktop client (Windows, MAC, Linux) and mobile devices (Android and iOS).