IDG.net: Industry players join Plug and Play alliance

“In a boost to the deployment of its forthcoming Universal Plug
and Play technology, Microsoft Tuesday said it will
a committee of industry heavyweights to develop
Internet-based standards for new devices that will interoperate
with the technology.

The committee reflects a cross-section of companies in the
computer, consumer electronics and home automation fields. The
members include Compaq, Echelon, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell,
IBM, Intel, Matsushita Electric Industrial, Mitsubishi Electronics
America, Panja., Philips Electronics, Siemens, Sony and Thomson
Multimedia SA.”

“Sun has developed its own Java-based technology called Jini,
which also promises to let different electronics devices
communicate across networks. ‘Microsoft, with their announcement,
is showing they have a little more momentum with the participants
they have included,’ said [Cahners In-Stat Group analyst Mike]

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