InfoWorld: Bob Metcalfe — Enough of the OSnic slurs, let’s count Linux versus W2K users

“FLAMING LINUX is too easy. I am ashamed of myself for not
resisting the temptation to take cheap shots in my column two weeks

“Flaming an OS is a lot like slurring a people’s ethnicity. All
too predictably, I got back hundreds of e-mails from angry people
who sounded as if they were defending their OSnicity.”

“Now I have a third reason that Linux will not beat W2K, which
is the obsessively anti-Windows, toxically anti- Microsoft,
sometimes anti-capitalism, often anti-American, and always
antisocial flaming that passes for discourse around the Open Source
Initiative. I should not have fanned the flames by joking about the
Open Sores Initiative.”

“Petreley trusts me to change my mind about Linux if facts
warrant. He knows that deep down, I’m rooting for Linux, or any
OSnic group that gives Microsoft a run for its money, especially
after next year’s antitrust breakup.”

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