InfoWorld: Fact or fiction? We will find the year behind lacking in definition

(Nicholas Petreley’s weekly column and forum.)

“Some trends appear to be developing, such as the growth of
interest in Unix, and the increasing number of companies supporting
open source code products. Some companies have even opened the
source code for their own products and technologies.”

“Someone will undoubtedly label 1998 as the year Linux took the
market by storm. This conclusion is premature. Linux is enjoying
remarkable growth only because vendors are scrambling to make the
most of the brief window of opportunity they have while Microsoft
is paralyzed. As long as Microsoft is engaged in a battle with the
Department of Justice, Microsoft cannot retaliate against anyone
who dares defect from the “Windows NT is the only future” camp.
Should Microsoft ultimately win the case, however, I guarantee
vendors will abandon Linux faster than a rat out of an

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