IPFire 2.19 Linux Firewall Gets WPA Enterprise Authentication in Client Mode

IPFire 2.19 Core Update 111 is now live and it appears to be a major update adding quite a large number of new features to the firewall, along with dozens of up-to-date components. The biggest change, however, seems to be the ability for IPFire to authenticate itself with an EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol)-enabled wireless network, supporting both TTLS and PEAP methods. To balance traffic, IPFire 2.19 Core Update 111 also implements multi-queueing support in QoS (Quality of Service) so that all the CPU cores of the host machine can be used instead of only one CPU core as it was enabled in previous versions of the firewall. More robust and modern cryptographic algorithms were enabled by default in IPFire on new systems, as well as for new VPN connections.