IPFire Hardened Linux Firewall Gets 802.11ac Wi-Fi Support, Security Updates

Packed with lots of bug fixes and cleanups, the IPFire 2.21 Core Update 125 patch is here to introduce support for the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard in the IPFire Access Point add-on, which should allow for better wireless coverage and higher network throughputs, especially in home environments. Of course, the machine running IPFire should have a network interface supporting the 802.11ac wireless protocol for this to work. If you’re not interested in the 802.11ac Wi-Fi support, you should consider updating your installations to IPFire 2.21 Core Update 125 because it brings lots of security and bug fixes, including strongSwan 5.7.1, which addresses several flaws in the implementation used for parsing and verifying RSA signatures in the GMP plugin, allowing for Bleichenbacher-style low-exponent signature forgery during IKE authentication and in certificates.