Just Linux: On the Soapbox: Taxes, Netscape, and the Linux “Fad”

[ Thanks to Dan
for this link. ]

“As I write this, I find myself empty, devoid of purpose and
meaning. It is, of course, the dreaded tax day here in the United
States and once more I have knelt before the behemoth known as the
Internal Revenue Service and thrown up my hard-earned funds in
hopes of appeasing the monstrosity for yet another year. This year
wasn’t so bad–I didn’t have to put the kids in hock.”

“My fellow Americans are likely sharing my pain. To those of you
in other nations who have done a similar act to your respective
governments recently, I offer my condolences as well.”

“Now that I am destitute, I started looking around for things to
do on the computer. It’s free, after all, but regrettably not tax
deductible. I surfed around, visited some e-commerce sites, lurked
through Slashdot, that sort of thing. Along the way it occurred to
me that there were a few easy tricks I could share that might
make your surfing easier.”


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