KaOS Linux Gets October Release with KDE Plasma 5.17 Desktop, Linux Kernel 5.3

KaOS 2019.10 is a maintenance release that brings numerous updates and all the latest security patches for those who want to install this Linux-based operating system. However, the biggest changes are under the hood, as KaOS 2019.10 comes with an upgraded toolchain that contains the latest GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) 9.2.0 and Glibc (GNU C Library) 2.30. Also, it’s the first release to ship without any Python 2.x packages. Powered by the latest Linux 5.3.8 kernel series and the Mesa 19.2.2 graphics stack, KaOS 2019.10 ships with recently released KDE Plasma 5.17.2 desktop environment, which is accompanied by KDE Applications 19.08.2 and KDE Frameworks 5.63.0 open-source software suites, all built against the Qt 5.13.1 open-source application framework.