Katalix L2TPv3 software improves speed, reliability and flexibility for Layer 2 tunnelling in Linux systems

Katalix L2TPv3 software improves speed, reliability and flexibility for Layer 2 tunnelling in Linux systems
ProL2TP software supports L2TP protocol

Reading, UK, 13th December 2012 – Katalix Systems today announced that the latest version of its ProL2TP software is available, providing enhanced support for the Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol (L2TP), a standard protocol for tunnelling L2 traffic over an Internet Protocol (IP) network. Compared to the previous version of ProL2TP, the new Version 1.5 software performs many times faster, uses less system resources, is more reliable, and is easier to configure and more flexible.

ProL2TP is commercial L2TP software for Linux systems that provides L2TPv2 and L2TPv3 support. It is designed for use in network environments scaling from small office networks to ISP network infrastructure, and is suitable for a wide range of hardware.

Katalix has achieved significant performance enhancements with the new version of the software, which runs up to ten times as fast as the previous version. The faster performance improves bringup time to recover from power outages, and allows users to run more simultaneous tunnels and sessions on the same hardware. It also means that for a given configuration, fewer system resources are required, freeing up the CPU in embedded systems for other tasks, or lowering power consumption in servers.

The new software has improved the reliability of ProL2TP’s control message handling, which makes it more robust and improves interoperability with other L2TP implementations. It also improves system and tunnel bringup performance for quicker connections and retries.

Version 1.5 now supports local termination of PPP-over-Ethernet connections, allowing users more flexibility in the design of their network.

For source customers, the ProL2TP build system has been improved to make it easier to configure and build ProL2TP on their systems.

Validation of configuration file syntax checking has been improved, as has its support for on-the-fly reloading of configuration information at runtime. These changes, along with some additional options for use in large-scale deployments, make the ProL2TP configuration file more flexible, easier to develop, and easier to update in service.

ProL2TP is optimised for Linux, and has been designed to keep the data path in the kernel for maximum throughput. It has minimal runtime dependencies, allowing the same software package to run on large backend systems or on small embedded systems in customer premises.

The software can provide an end-to-end L2TP deployment solution, or can interoperate with other implementations as a component of a wider system. It provides protocol support for L2TPv2 and L2TPv3 over IPv4 and IPv6.

A comprehensive management and plugin API allows the core software to be easily integrated with external software packages or management systems. ProL2TP has a flexible licensing scheme for anything from a few host licenses up to a full-blown source code license with SDK support.

ProL2TP Version 1.5 is available now, with free trials available. See www.prol2tp.com for more information.

About Katalix (www.katalix.com)
Katalix Systems is a software consultancy based in the UK, with expertise in Linux, networking, and embedded systems. Alongside consultancy projects, Katalix is the foremost developer of L2TP support in Linux systems, including ProL2TP (www.prol2tp.com): enterprise-class L2TP software for Linux systems.

For more information, please contact info@katalix.com.
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