KDE Applications 16.08.3 Is the Last in the Series, KDE Apps 16.12 Ships December 15

That’s right, we’re talking about KDE Applications 16.08.3, which lands almost a month after the previous update, namely KDE Applications 16.08.2, bringing the long-term support version of KDE Development Platform 4.14.26 along for the ride. KDE Applications 16.08.3 is here to address over 20 bugs reported by users since then. Now that KDE Applications 16.08.3 is out, the 16.08 series reached end of life, which means that KDE Applications 16.12 development starts today, November 10, with the dependency freeze in place. A first Beta of the upcoming KDE Applications 16.12 software suite is currently scheduled for next week, on November 17, 2016.