KDE Developer Journals: Frustrations with Kubuntu Dapper Flight 6 and How it Handles CUPS 1.2svn

“A few weeks ago, Jonathan had asked me on IRC in passing why
kprinter and KDEPrint 3.5.1 didn’t work with CUPS-1.2. My reply had
been like ‘CUPS-1.2 hasn’t even released an alpha or beta
tarball–w.t.h. does Ubuntu Dapper plan to include an SVN version
of a piece of core software which has a yet unknown release date??’
Of course, this is not Jonathan’s personal field of work–Kubuntu
just inherits the CUPS version and setup which the Ubuntu main
developers decided for.

“Regarding an impending CUPS-1.2 release, prospects have become
much brighter in the meanwhile. During March, Mike Sweet released 2
Betas and the first Release Candidate. So a final 1.2.0 release
seems pretty close now…”