KDE Frameworks 5.42 Open-Source Software Suite Released for KDE Plasma 5.12 LTS

Among the highlights of the KDE Frameworks 5.42.0 release, we can mention fixes for CMake 3.10 or with AUTOMOC warnings, more widespread use of categorized logging, which can be used to disable debug output by default. The Breeze icon theme now uses the original Vivaldi app icon, includes an updated album artist icon, as well as gnumeric breeze-icon support and labplot-editlayout support. Absolute path detection for CMake 3.5 now works on Linux-based operating systems, KDeclarative includes QML controls for KCM creation, KDELibs 4 should now compile on MinGW32, a memory leak was fixed in KuitStaticData, BatchRenameJob was added to KIO, along with undo support, and KPackage Framework now compiles against the Qt 5.7 application framework.