KDE Plasma 5.11.5 Linux Desktop Environment Released as the Last in the Series

Coming one and a half months after the KDE Plasma 5.11.4 release, KDE Plasma 5.11.5 is here with more than 30 bug fixes and improvements across various of its components, such as the KWin window and composite manager, KScreenlocker screen locker, Oxygen and Breeze themes, Plasma Discover package manager, as well as Plasma Desktop, Plasma Workspace, and Plasma Addons. Highlights of this release include a fix for a software rendering crash in the KScreenlocker screen locker on the Wayland display manager, better GTK+ support for the Breeze theme, improved error handling and readability for Plasma Discover, the addition of a missing icon in the AppMenu applet, additional GTK+ 3 support for KDE GTK Config, X11/XCB compile support for Oxygen, and much more.