KDE Plasma 5.8.4 LTS Desktop Environment Released for Linux with More Bug Fixes

KDE Plasma 5.8.4 LTS is here three weeks after the third point release, versioned 5.8.3, and as expected, it’s yet another bugfix release that attempts to improve the stability, security, and reliability of the KDE Plasma 5.8 desktop environment, which will receive support until April 2018. This version will soon land in the stable repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution. Today’s KDE Plasma 5.8.4 LTS desktop environment release addresses various bugs reported by users since KDE Plasma 5.8.3 LTS or previous versions with the Breeze, Plasma Discover, Plasma Addons, KWayland-integration, Oxygen, Plasma Desktop, Plasma SDK, Plasma Workspace, and KWin components.